Lessons in Perspective


Life is a precious and valuable thing.

One can’t argue there is pain and disappointment each of us must face, but there is so much beauty and goodness around us too.

The question I’ve asked myself a myriad of times is ‘which will I focus on’?

Hi there. Let me introduce myself. I’m Sherrie and am very pleased to meet you. As a Mother of two kids, who both have had cancer and the daughter of a woman who faced Parkinsons’ Disease at a mere thirty five years, I’ve had plenty of opportunity to grapple with these ideas. I’ve even had my own health issues to deal with, including past depression. (Not even gonna start down the list of other ‘stuff)’.

There were times I justly lived life, bemoaning my lot.


But I’d rather be happy!

I’d rather explore beauty, frolic in freedom, live in love and share the joy.

I prayed for rose colored glasses, to see wonders and opportunities, to seize the day, to encourage and be encouraged. So I was given a gift. A gift of art in various forms. I’d like to share it with you, to make your day a bit better, to help lift your spirits and lighten your load, just a little.

These are a few of my lessons in perspective:

The continual learning of painting, writing and photography and at times, the blending.

The bended knee.

The upraising and outstretching of the hand.

The child like wonder.

The grace to bear the age old grit of teeth.

The fact that the gut-punch and gasping for air have come and I survived.

The other fact that until we leave this planet, there will be other moments that yet need to be survived.

The following fact that I never want to live in those moments or give them power. They are not my definition.

The in-your-face reminders, when I begin to think myself better than I am, or greater than another, or even that I could do better than they, ‘I too come from the dust’. 

That life is sweeter with love, better with joy, greater with kindness, fuller with compassion and more fragrant with creativity and that I need to remind myself of it, often.

All in all, it is a journey and is meant to be savored and shared and not frittered away by trifles or even collapsed under burdens.

So I invite you to take a moment, as I give you just a smidgen of inspiration, to let your imagination fly, set your spirit to soaring and go grab a fist full of life!


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