Verity’s Choice – A short story

Verity’s Choice, Pencil and Watercolor Pencil, by Sherrie Robins.

A Creative Writing Piece, for your thinking pleasure.

By Sherrie Robins


Her thoughts raced around under the headscarf, creating friction, and they were about to burst into flame. There wasn’t much time, yet there was all the time in the world. Why were there always choices and why was there really no choice to be made at all?

The phone vibrated on the table. Pick it up? Leave it?

The thought of making a firm decision propelled images across and through her mind, hurling her into panic mode: images of past mistakes.

What about the time she’d said ‘yes’, bringing him into her life, with all the resulting drama and trauma of a trashy novel?

What of the time she’d turned left, instead of right, thinking the gas station was a mere mile or two down the road, and she was wrong. Tears streaming down her face she’d driven on, into the night, needle on empty, past the vacant cottages now covered with snow. The terror that moment brought sent shivers down her spine.

What about the job offer she had declined because it was ‘too far’, ‘too hard’, but really because she was lacking the confidence to say yes?

What if answering was a left hand turn?

Confidence and surety were not her top qualities, but stubbornness may well be.

Insight and quick thinking are qualities she admires in others.

No, she was the slow cooking, overnight bake. The need of time to reflect and ponder, analyze and roll things around. The grasp for permeation and absorption, not a mere check of the box.

Why did this have to be so difficult?

She felt the press and it only made any decision she might make elude her.

The phone began its table top dance…again. Her throat felt dry. Little sweat beads prickled her scalp.

“This is vital! I have to decide right now, or it will be too late!”

Suddenly, a quiet dawn unfolded before her. The phone quieted. Her heart rate slowed. Peace came to her, as did understanding.

“Do I? Do I have to decide this very second? Because if I do, then I have my answer.”

Slowly she picked up the phone, and pressed the screaming number. “I’m sorry, but if I have to give you a final decision this very moment, then you have your answer. But, If you’ll give me some time to think on this, then perhaps we’ll have a reason to talk.”

Hanging up she took a moment to reflect and then another to just be thankful for the knowledge of self.There may be a time when she would find it necessary to make a quick decision, then she’d have to deal with it. But that day was not today.



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