To Encourage Another is to Lift up your own Soul – Sherrie’s piece re-published from


Writing and above photo by Sherrie Robins

(Happy to share my latest piece written for )

Encouragement is a great word. It’s right there in front of you: to infuse another with courage. So why is it that society is often hesitant to boost someone’s confidence, when it costs so little? Do we misperceive, thinking by doing so it may take away an element of our own power? Do we somehow feel diminished? 

Suppose we dig down to the bare bones of the matter and ask ourselves how we define what makes us valuable?  Do we see ourselves as superior or better than others in some way? Or are we lacking in confidence, building it up by ignoring another’s accomplishments or even going so far as to put them down? Could we still be playing that childhood game of “I’m the King of the Castle and you’re the dirty rascal?”

Once there was an ant. He had always felt inferior because he could not fly. One day he met a bee. The bee was buzzing along, heavy laden with much pollen. “Oh Mr. Bee. I wonder how you can fly? You are round and awkward, slow and loud. How inefficiently you are made. Oh that you were constructed like me with armor on the outside, strong and able to work, lifting heavy loads.” The bee then began to second guess himself, and had a very hard time getting back to the hive. When he did arrive, he began to sow seeds of doubt among the others. He could no longer become air born and not long after, died. One by one, the entire hive died, and not only this single hive, but many others, all around the land. Thereafter, the flowers and crops of the field also began to wilt and fade, and famine came for miles around.

Question: was the ant strengthened by the doubt he spread to the bee colony, and did it help him to rise even an inch higher? One wonders how he felt when he and his fellow ants no longer had the food required for their own sustenance.

The moral of the story is we are interconnected and to encourage another soul IS to uplift your own.

*Theseeds4life  is a site I’d highly recommend for a quick pick-me-up on a daily basis, written by other writers *like me! 

*Well…sorta like me 😉


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