What’s in a smile?


What’s in a smile, you might ask? It’s just an upturned corner. A grin.
People do it to be polite, to take a selfie or to get their own way.

You cynic. 😉

Of course there is that.

But then there’s the smile that means the world:

Baby’s first.

A child with their little dog.

The smile of accomplishment,

When she finally said yes!

A married couple on their wedding day.

Or their 50th wedding anniversary.

A smile of thanksgiving.

Of gratefulness.

Of joy, hope and tears.

The stranger in the car next to you, when you cut them off…and they forgive you.

When you hear good news from the Doctor.

And that mortgage gets paid off.

It’s in the simple things; the sunrise, a sunset, the prize at the bottom of the Cracker Jack box.

It’s in life’s goals; graduations, family reunions and arriving at that lifelong destination.

It’s on your best friend’s face, and in your Grandson’s eyes.

It’s an investment in someone’s spiritual bank account. It’s free. It’s available.

So take one out today, and give it away.

It might even come back to you.


What makes you smile? (PG answers only, please)! lol


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Our Misha is smiling at YOU!


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