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Exemplify Grace, When The Race is Done…

When the race is done or won, let us exemplify grace…


“I will walk in love,

In dignity and grace,

Now the race is done, or won,

Share hope and mercy, peace.

Each one by one, or one on one,

Much needed now:

Let hatred cease…

                                                         Sherrie Robins




In the Silence (Regarding the Charleston tragedy)


In the Silence

Poetry & Photography by S. Robins


A hush has fallen on the street tonight.


Where flash and folly filled a place of worship, soiling the alter, polluting the ground.

Praises floating on wings of prayer, reaching the Heavens, preparing the way.

Despite the interloper-morphing-thief.


Rachel is crying out for her children, tables with no need to be set,

Sorrow spills down faces, creeping across leather and laces, overflowing onto the crimson covered soil.


Too late! Too late for amends, says justice.

Too far gone! Too far for hope, says despair.

Too much! Too much heartache, say the broken.

And we who watch in horror, speak no blame on their anguish .


Silence echoes, repeating empty words, vacuous impressions, hollow hearts.

For nothing can replace or repair the permanence of damage done.


But in the silence, as the amber son rises,

But in the silence, the birds can sing out.

But in the silence, the heart’s-cry is listening.

And in the silence, the healing‘s begun.


Weeping may endure for the night, but joy cometh in the morning.