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Prayers for a Happy New Year

As the New Year approaches, something to think about…



Dare to Grow!

How did this beautiful blossoming tree start out? A mere kernel! Let’s not be afraid to grow..

Take a minute to pour a little water & sunshine on your fine self!

By Sherrie Robins

My nephew popped over to the house last night. He’s a talented young photographer/videographer, who’s starting a business with my son. Their work is fresh, hip, young, knowledgeable, practiced & informed.

I’ve learned a few things from them both.

“Hey Jordan”, I said. “Wanna see the new ‘video’ I made”?

Now, though I’m a practiced and ardent “photo-snapper”, my ‘video’ happened to be a photo compilation-slide show of a family weekend gathering, something I’m relatively new at, and a far cry from their professional work. (I wish them the best).

But he liked it!

Then he said this: “I love the way you’re not afraid to try new things and continue to grow. Most people your age just settle. Stop growing. Maybe they find something they enjoy, but they stop there and just do “that” for the rest of their lives. How many people do you know that keep trying and expanding; reaching? You’re great”!

Wow. What a compliment.

It brought to light a new perspective. Because of different life situations, I’ve had to wear many hats and have sometimes seen this as a negative. Others have told me so. I haven’t always assessed these accomplishments as assets: a positive!

Here’s a couple of thoughts: as one continues to grow, some old things must be left behind, some for a while, some for always. Knowing which is which can be a challenge. And we can’t expect everyone to understand where we’re coming from. If we stretch, there’s always the chance of rejection.

Also, we have been told that in order to be good at something, really good, you have to stick with that thing forever! But what about a different take. You’ve heard it before, “he was a real Renaissance man”. This is referring to an individual’s proficiency at a number of abilities. This used to be a “thing”. Not so much anymore as society often seems to box people into roles: teacher, business person, entertainer, artist. Any Mother knows that just ain’t so! Children are even taught that, at least up to high-school, through a well-rounded education. But many of us leave behind the variety upon reaching adulthood.

And here’s are some additional perspective: the more we become proficient at a variety of things, 1) the more it rounds out our personalities, 2) enables us to relate to wider circles, and 3) we begin to see one gift as feeding off the other.

1) Each new lens we look through allows us to see life a bit differently. Having been an artist and photo-snapper, for example, has caused me to go from looking at each single flower, leaf and stone to taking in the vastness of the world around me.

2) Personally, being able to relate to my son and nephew in their world of photography, another nephew with his writing, my daughter in her’s of cooking and travel, and many others in singing, piano, blogging, teaching, etc. This ability has enriched my life on so many levels.

3) When one is developing any gift, artistic or otherwise, it seems the additional become easier to access. I’m sure this has a scientific base, but I’ll let YOU google it!

So, think out of the box! Don’t be afraid to expand, develop, grow in whatever you’re already good at, and more. It’s okay if it isn’t in our comfort zone or we make mistakes. We all do. Whether it’s a new hobby, a new work challenge, relationship growth or trying a new recipe, it’s all ripe for the picking.

Learning is the stuff that keeps us fresh, young, vital. It helps us to reach others and become our best selves. So let’s grow, Grow, GROW!

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Look up! Beauty above.


One perfect Autumn day, my husband and I were walking along the escarpment near Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. There were vistas, foliage, pathways, twists and turns. Waterfalls, crunchy leaves beneath our feet and various scampering varieties of wildlife.

Honestly, I was so focused on the obvious; waterfalls and vistas, snapping away at them, that I don’t think I was paying much attention to what was above me. My husband stopped me, “Sherrie. Look up. This would make a great photo, wouldn’t it”?

Just maybe we could come up with a lesson in perspective on this one? Perhaps we shouldn’t be so focused on the obvious, or the immediate, the urgent or the loudest thing roaring in our ears to forget to look up. Simple but true.

As with many things in life, I have my husband to thank for this one. He was right, don’t you think?




Take Time.


In our world today, there is not often time for peace and quiet. Schedules, priorities, demands and responsibilities make solitude and rest seem unattainable and even antiquated. Work and family pressures close in on us, making escape mandatory. So, we often turn on an easily available screen.

But, taking a few minutes out for yourself by going on a walk or a run (without the headphones), or sitting on a park bench or even your back yard, is a beneficial and even necessary adjustment for one’s well-being. It is great for “defragmenting” and coming to know one’s own mind.

Through silence comes awareness and knowledge. We often don’t know our own minds when other’s voices and opinions drown out own. Sometimes we suppress things we should be dealing with, through distraction. We may even become aware of a knee-jerk reaction towards someone else’s opinion because of our own prejudices regarding an individual or a situation. Various things may come to light.

On the other hand, peace and quiet, a moment of calming greenery, fresh air, a cozy corner with a sleeping pet is re-vitalizing. Breathing a prayer, having a thankful heart, not only on the fly, but taking a moment to ponder can be healing or course-changing.

And for my over-worked friends, those of you who truly don’t have a minute to spare, that is what eyelids are for. Close them on the train, in the passenger seat of the car, even in the ‘necessary’ and remember your beautiful place. Be transported even for a short while. Turn off the noise. Shuttle in the blessed quiet. It takes purposefulness, but it is possible.

So, let’s not neglect ourselves. We have so much to give and people who need us. Let’s give them our “best-selves” and not a half-portion of a frazzled or burned out, expectation-driven, tired or even resentful self. There is a place of beautiful restoration. It’s not selfish. It’s necessary. It only takes a moment.

kitty 008
Our Oreo, taking a cat-nap.





What’s in a smile?


What’s in a smile, you might ask? It’s just an upturned corner. A grin.
People do it to be polite, to take a selfie or to get their own way.

You cynic. 😉

Of course there is that.

But then there’s the smile that means the world:

Baby’s first.

A child with their little dog.

The smile of accomplishment,

When she finally said yes!

A married couple on their wedding day.

Or their 50th wedding anniversary.

A smile of thanksgiving.

Of gratefulness.

Of joy, hope and tears.

The stranger in the car next to you, when you cut them off…and they forgive you.

When you hear good news from the Doctor.

And that mortgage gets paid off.

It’s in the simple things; the sunrise, a sunset, the prize at the bottom of the Cracker Jack box.

It’s in life’s goals; graduations, family reunions and arriving at that lifelong destination.

It’s on your best friend’s face, and in your Grandson’s eyes.

It’s an investment in someone’s spiritual bank account. It’s free. It’s available.

So take one out today, and give it away.

It might even come back to you.


What makes you smile? (PG answers only, please)! lol


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Our Misha is smiling at YOU!

To Encourage Another is to Lift up your own Soul – Sherrie’s piece re-published from TheSeeds4Life.com


Writing and above photo by Sherrie Robins

(Happy to share my latest piece written for theseeds4life.com )

Encouragement is a great word. It’s right there in front of you: to infuse another with courage. So why is it that society is often hesitant to boost someone’s confidence, when it costs so little? Do we misperceive, thinking by doing so it may take away an element of our own power? Do we somehow feel diminished? 

Suppose we dig down to the bare bones of the matter and ask ourselves how we define what makes us valuable?  Do we see ourselves as superior or better than others in some way? Or are we lacking in confidence, building it up by ignoring another’s accomplishments or even going so far as to put them down? Could we still be playing that childhood game of “I’m the King of the Castle and you’re the dirty rascal?”

Once there was an ant. He had always felt inferior because he could not fly. One day he met a bee. The bee was buzzing along, heavy laden with much pollen. “Oh Mr. Bee. I wonder how you can fly? You are round and awkward, slow and loud. How inefficiently you are made. Oh that you were constructed like me with armor on the outside, strong and able to work, lifting heavy loads.” The bee then began to second guess himself, and had a very hard time getting back to the hive. When he did arrive, he began to sow seeds of doubt among the others. He could no longer become air born and not long after, died. One by one, the entire hive died, and not only this single hive, but many others, all around the land. Thereafter, the flowers and crops of the field also began to wilt and fade, and famine came for miles around.

Question: was the ant strengthened by the doubt he spread to the bee colony, and did it help him to rise even an inch higher? One wonders how he felt when he and his fellow ants no longer had the food required for their own sustenance.

The moral of the story is we are interconnected and to encourage another soul IS to uplift your own.

*Theseeds4life  is a site I’d highly recommend for a quick pick-me-up on a daily basis, written by other writers *like me! 

*Well…sorta like me 😉